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Bound Theses

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2020-03

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Bound theses by Benedictine University students

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  • 2018 - 2020


19 Volumes


"The Role of Gendr in Agile Leadership" by Jorge Cestou, PhD Organization Development, 2020 "An Explanatory Design Mixed-Methods Study: The Use of Mindset, Emotional Intelligence and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Workforce Development for Automotive Meanufacturing Start-Ups in Rural Markets" by Terrance A. Rivers, Ed.D. Higher Education and Organizational Change, 2019 "Closing the Gap: Exploring Disadvantaged Student Motivations for Postsecondary Education in Areas with Low Attainment Rates" by Nicole D. Woods, Ed.D., 2019 "Online Faculty Training's Impact on Learning Communities: A phenomenological study" by Rebecca M.R. Costello, Ed.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change, 2019 "The Relationship between Grammar and Speaking: Vietnamese EFL Learners' perceptions and difficulties" by Nguyen Van Phuong, M.A. Linguistics "Vietnamese EFL Teachers' Perceptions of Mixed-Age Adult English Classes" by Vu Doan Yen Phuong, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "The Effectiveness of Guided Discovery in Teaching EFL in a Vietnamese Institution" by Dong Nhu Tien, M.A. Linguistics, 2019 "The Effectiveness of Using Jigsaw Technique on Reading Comprehension Performances of Vietnam EFL Students" by Tran Le Hoai Vu, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "Difficulties Facing Fourth-Year Medical Students Learning English for Medical Purposes in Vietnam" by Nguyen Thi Thao Quyen M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2018 "Ambivalence and Ambiguity in the Great Gatsby: A stylistic approach using appraisal" by Hyo Jin Lee, M.A. Liguistics (Literary Concentration), 2019 "Designing and Using of Games in Teaching Speaking Skill in Grade 5 of Vietnamese Primary School" by Le Tran Thien Phuc, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2018 "The Difficulties Vietnamese Secondary Students Experience in Producing English Final Consonants" by Ngo Trung Hieu, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "How the Mini Habit of Learning One Word a Day Affects L2 Students' Self-Efficacy and Motivation" by Tong Thi Khai Huyen, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "Vietnamese 12th-Grade Students' difficulties in Learning Paragraph Writing in English" by Trinh Quoc Ahn, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "Effects of CALL TOEIC Preparation in Comparison with Conventional TOEIC Preparation" by Do Van Hung, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "Deductive or Inductive Grammar -- Which is the Choice of Vietnamese EFL Teachers?" by Lam Hoang Phuc, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "The Use of Teaching AIDS in Teaching English to Vietnamese Preschoolers" by Nguyen Thi Minh Chau, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "The Pronunciation Difficulties of Vietnamese Young Adult English Learners and their Perceptions of These Difficulties" by Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ahn, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019 "Student and Teacher Attitudes Toward Using Vietnamese in English Communication Classes in Dalat, Vietnam" by Pham Thi Trang Thanh, M.A. Linguistics (TESOL), 2019